The Pool Table in the Basement

The Pool Table in the Basement This story is courtesy of my lovely mother. It has been edited for clarity. I tell ghost stories in group guidance during Halloween. A young kid, new as an 8th grader, said him, his mom and his sister were renting a house in the town, and that the basement was weird. […]

The Shelter Island Werewolf

THE SHELTER ISLAND WEREWOLF A PERSONAL ACCOUNT BY RK DUNNE Starting with a bit of backstory, I’m a born and raised Long Islander. So are my parents. They met out east, which in Islander talk means the east end of the Island. To any NYC rich kids, that means the Hampton’s. But for the rest […]

The Children of the Lake

THE CHILDREN OF THE LAKE “My husband has a group of friends he’s had his whole life, and they used to come to our house to play poker. My husband notices his friend, a usually boisterous man, was not acting himself. “Everything OK, Johnny?” Johnny, his wife, his sister, her husband and his parents were […]

The Splatter on the Wall

THE SPLATTER ON THE WALL When my sister was first married to her first husband, he had found them a really nice apartment in the Buffalo, NY area. It was a steal, and my sister felt SO lucky. One day, she was sitting in the kitchen going through the mail, when she thought she saw […]

Nana’s Playing Cards

Nana’s Playing Cards When I was growing up, my mom’s mother would come and stay with us once in a while over the summer. She’d had my mother very young and her husband had run off, and an older woman in the apartment building they lived in kind of took her under her wing, […]