When my sister was first married to her first husband, he had found them a really nice apartment in the Buffalo, NY area. It was a steal, and my sister felt SO lucky.

One day, she was sitting in the kitchen going through the mail, when she thought she saw something splattered on the wall. She went to the sink, got a sponge and wet it. But when she went over to where it was… nothing was was on the wall. Writing it off as a trick of the light, she went back to her business, the splotch on the wall already fading into the back of her mind.

A couple days later, it happened again. The other day coming to the forefront of her mind, she goes over and inspects what looks like tomato sauce, which isn’t exactly surprising, as anyone who has cooked tomato sauce knows it has a tendency to fly everywhere. So she goes to the sink, gets the sponge; and when she turns around, the spray had vanished again.

This happened three or four times, each time my sister growing more and more suspicious, wondering why it kept disappearing after she so clearly inspected the stain. Clearly, there was something bigger at play here, and she finally asks her husband at dinner that night, “Is there something I need to know about this apartment? Because I always feel a little creeped out in the kitchen, and I keep seeing these weird red SPLATTERS on the wall.”
Her husband got very quiet. “I didn’t want to upset you… but we got the apartment so cheap, because a young college girl was stabbed to death in the kitchen with a knife.”

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