“My husband has a group of friends he’s had his whole life, and they used to come to our house to play poker. My husband notices his friend, a usually boisterous man, was not acting himself. “Everything OK, Johnny?”

Johnny, his wife, his sister, her husband and his parents were all out at their lake house. After dinner, everyone decided to tool around the lake in their little boat. As day turns to dusk, they hear kids voices crying for help. They shut off the engine, looking and listening, finally seeing two boys in a boat off in the fog, yelling for help and waving their arms. Johnny’s dad told everyone to pull up their lines so they could go look for these kids, as they seemed desperate. Turning the engine back on, they started to put-put across the lake in the direction of the kids, but couldn’t seem to find them. They stop again, turn off their engine; not hearing or seeing anything, everyone assumed they had made it safely to shore. 

Some time passes and again, they hear the kids crying, this time on the opposite side of the lake, spotting them again waving their arms for help. The family goes through the same motions, reeling in the lines, starting the engine. As they approach where they ALL swore they saw the children, they couldn’t find them. This happened two or three more times, Johnny said, each time their frustration growing. Eventually, the dad decides it’s too dark to keep looking, and they return to shore to call the lake constable. They tell him what happened, describing what they could see of the two boys and the little boat they were on, and request a search party come and help them look. “I’ll be right there, sir,” said the constable. After ten minutes of waiting anxiously, there’s a knock on the door. Johnny’s father opens the door to only one man, and no one else. “Didn’t you bring other people?” he said in disbelief. “I’ll come back out and look with you, these boys need help!”

“Sir, I don’t know how to tell you this… but you just described the two boys who died in a boating accident last weekend on the lake.””

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