The strangest form of flying monster, Atmospheric Beasts don’t follow the laws of the physical world.

They fly without the need for wings, and their bodies are only semi-solid, often partially invisible. Most sightings were originally classified as odd UFO sightings, before becoming their own category entirely. Famous author Ivan T. Anderson even considered that numerous UFO sightings were actually just these “extremely low density animals native to the clouds.”  

The appearance of these beasts varies greatly. From enormous and vast to small and wispy, amorphous and cloud like, finned squid like creatures, floating jellyfish, straight up blobs, even dragons. 



During September of 1891, a story in the Indianapolis Journal was published about two men who were working on a wagon late the previous night. These men claimed to have seen a “horrible apparition,” propelling itself with several pairs of fins, circling a house nearby. They claimed it was headless and rectangular, that swam no less than 100 feet above them and estimated it’s size to be 8 feet wide and 20 feet in length. What was first dismissed as a couple of drunkards, was then proved true by a Methodist Pastor and his wife, who also saw the creature. A group of onlookers also reported feeling it’s “hot breath” the next night. They noticed a cyclopic, flaming red “eye,” and said the beast seemed to be wheezing and squirming in agony.


The tiny islands off Scotland’s Shetland archipelago are home to another kind of atmospheric monster. Remote and mist-shrouded, the islander’s know the creature only as “it,” a “cloud animal,” and locals say every experience has been pleasant. A police officer reported coming into contact with “it,” claiming the sensation felt like he was being wrapped in a warm blanket that smelled of mildew. The officer referred to the being as being alive, and reported feeling extremely shaken after his encounter. 


March 11, 2011- A huge earthquake occurs off the coast of Tohoku, Japan, causing a devastating tsunami that battered the Japanese Coast, left thousands dead or homeless, and damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant, leading to one of the worst nuclear disasters the world has ever seen. In the months following this tragic event, there were countless reports of strange, unexplained objects in the skies about the areas devastated. The second largest atmospheric disturbance, the Sumatran Earthquake and Tsunami of 2004, was also accompanied by an increase in UFO and strange sightings. 


Is it possible a natural disaster could cause these creatures to come closer to earth, allowing us to observe them? Why do we accept the ocean having endless possibilities of new beasts, and ignore the blue ocean above us? 



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