Journal 10

I reviewed my footage from the first day of filming, and I have to reshoot my mom’s interview, because the focus was actually on continuous auto focus instead of manual. The other footage was okay, but for some reason it’s really noticeable with her. I fixed it and my next shoot on Tuesday should be fine! Along with getting the shots of the shoes flooding the hallways on Tuesday, I also have more kids who want to be interviewed: even if it doesn’t make the cut, it’s hard to say no to them, they all look so happy to help. I also got in contact with a high schooler who went through my mom’s GSA, and he is trans and out and home and is happy to be interviewed. He is going to come by on Tuesday either before or after the meeting, so I’m going to swap that interview day with my mom’s interview on the schedule. During the meeting on Tuesday I will interview some kids, but it’s also important I get footage of the kids crafting for Transgender Day of Remembrance, to tie into the last footage I’ll take, on TDOR day. As I’m reviewing the footage, I’m getting more and more excited for what I’m creating.


"If you see me disappearing down a mental rabbit-hole from time to time, you will know where I am headed. I will be traveling unwillingly into The Goblin Universe.

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  • November 4, 2019 at 11:20 pm

    So the learning here is always check you gear settings prior and during the shoot. You caught it in edit review fortunately you have the time to recapture.


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