Journal 9

I just got back from my first time filming at my mom’s GSA meeting. All the kids were super rambunctious, and it was funny to see my mom wrangling all of them. We came up with a parent permission slip, to approve if they want to speak on camera or even just have their faces. A good deal of them signed up (we have a sign up sheet of permission slips so it’s easy for me to see who does and who doesn’t) and I actually ended up interviewing three of them so far. Even though it’s not in the storyboard, I think if I get approval from even one kid’s parents it will make a huge difference to the story. They are all so well spoken and educated on issues and it’s so awesome to see. I got some empty hallway shots as well, and next week I will get the shot of the kid’s feet flooding the hallways at the end bell. For the questions, I came up with for the kids were:

  • Why did you join the GSA?
  • What kind of things have you learned about?
  • Has the GSA helped you?
  • Do you feel a GSA is important to have in a middle school?

Two of the kids I interviewed are out at home, and another one is an ally. I think if I get approved to have them in it it will really show not only how mature and well-spoken they are, but we can hear from their mouths how they feel. I think it will be very impactful.

After the club, I interviewed my mom. Here are the questions I asked:

  • Why did you create the GSA?
  • Were there any struggles or difficulties you faced when you first created it?
  • Why did you choose to teach them about the Transgender Day of Remembrance?
  • Why does the GSA give you hope?

I am planning on looking over the footage, to see if I need to reshoot anything. Even though I shoot on manual mode, it was weirdly not staying in focus all the time, even though I locked the focus. I also used my lavalier microphone to record the audio of each interview, so even if I can’t use their face, I can use their voice!


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