Journal 8

I’m behind in logging my journey, so I’m taking the weeks out of it. To hit 30 entries, I will post around 3 a week for the next 7 weeks.

I sent in a letter to the superintendent for approval to film in the school and I was granted it. My mom talked to her students in the GSA and told them about it- not that I’m her daughter, but that a filmmaker is coming to film some GSA meetings. She reached out to graduates from her middle school, and we will interview them in two weeks. We also have put permission slips together for the kids in the GSA, to get signed by their parents. I am going in on Tuesday to film the GSA meeting as well as interview my mom. I’m very nervous but also excited. I feel like this could be a really great, informative and moving documentary. I have storyboarded it a couple of times now, and I definitely have a vision. Now I just have to update my production schedule to add some meetings with Professor Maley and I’ll be ready to begin filming!


"If you see me disappearing down a mental rabbit-hole from time to time, you will know where I am headed. I will be traveling unwillingly into The Goblin Universe.

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