Journal 6 Week 3

My objective of showing my mom’s GSA and the kids in it would be to show the benefits of the development of the GSA program in a middle school. I would want it to be student focused, with some background information given from my mom. I want to bring awareness to the backbone it’s given many of the students to feel accepted in a world that can be harsh. I want to spend some time in her GSA meetings, which are every Tuesday. I would want to interview some of the kids, to ask what their experience is like. The reason I feel it would be plausible is because I have edited a short promotional video for them in the past and we had to get their parent’s permission, so we already have a short list of students who’s parents would allow them. I want to spend some time in the school, specifically to get different shots such as the hallway going from empty to full as kids move from class to class. That’s one shot I’ve been thinking of a lot lately.

I was thinking the best approach, in terms of structure, might be to follow the course of one of the meetings and use that as building blocks. I am going to talk to my mom and go over some of her future lesson plans, and see if there’s one that could really work well as a universal and specific message relating to acceptance in this current time period. I think the most inspiring thing for me about the GSA’s creation is it’s ability to give students a place to carve out a piece of their own, to really explore what identity means and to learn it’s not so scary.

Next Journal, I will update with possible approaches, and a rough storyboard.


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  • September 23, 2019 at 8:27 pm

    OK, so this is making more sense. What was confusingwas ealier discussion never defined what GSA stands for… you last posting finally defined this (Gay-Straight Alliance). Given it is a school environement you will nedd to run this past the administration (i’m sure your Mom can help here) and get releases for the interviews and footage shot – including tha hallways at the school. Can you firm up a formal objective statement for this as well as define a project timeline. Once you have this you will need to develop the narrative. from the Narrative you can then start to develop a storyboard where you will identify imagery. You need to get you vision into a formal word document before procedding.


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