Journal 3 Week 2

So, after reading some more in the textbook and rereading my journal post, I like the angle of being an independent artist in this day in age, because it’s become both the most accessible and the hardest thing to achieve. Because social media offers us a way to promote ourselves and create an image you used to only be able to do with guest appearances and billboards gives anyone the possibility to make it big. Because, though, anybody can make it big, it can be harder to stand out. That’s one thing Shane has going for him, he’s a skinny white dude with red hair and lip rings, which already gives an image before he even opens his mouth. However, everyone is trying to be different and be the weirdest to gain attention, and he’s not willing to change himself just for “clout.” I could follow him recording a song and how we get it on distribution sites, how he gets followers on social media, and maybe if he plans on releasing an EP cover that whole process, even getting a graphic designer for the cover. It’s a cool way of showing how collaborative the process is, and how (the true universal message) you have to do what you love, or you’ll never be happy. I want to start storyboarding now, but I might just start with a list of possible sequences as I finish the Documentary textbook.


"If you see me disappearing down a mental rabbit-hole from time to time, you will know where I am headed. I will be traveling unwillingly into The Goblin Universe.

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