Week 1 Journal 2

It’s actually beginning of week 2 technically, but my off days are Mondays and Tuesdays so bear with me. I’ve been thinking about Professor Maley’s comments, and I want to get more specific about Shane’s career growth and what I could focus my storyline on. I’m trying to think realistically about how much time I have to make it (14 weeks now) and how long it will be (5-10 minutes).

Shane’s career: He’s been making music for the past 7 years and his skill has grown immensely. He’s gotten bullied for it and now is starting to get praise. I’ve helped him get his music on Apple Music and other streaming sites, and he has just become the clothing ambassador for a brand called NYC Lab Rats. The fashion show for the company is this Friday, so maybe I could take my camera and get some footage. I could also cover the process to making a music video, as we go through the steps. He is a genuinely talented individual who deserves recognition, I just don’t know what specific lens I could apply here. Maybe talking about his individuality as a person and how that’s led to the development of his unique music style. I could have him sit down and talk about what it’s taken to get here; maybe some behind the scenes of making a song, or making a music video. Or maybe, if I can convince him, building it to a release of an EP thats in the works. It depends on if he has all the songs he wants, if there’s only one more that’d be great footage to get. It would also shed light on the newer, independent way of doing things, because now record labels want someone who already has a lot of followers or is already established and has an image as opposed to just a newbie with no social media.

Lots to think about.


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