Journal 1 Week 1

I just had the call with Professor Maley last week, about my advanced video production class. (I know this isn’t a film website, but other readers bear with me, I didn’t feel like making a whole other website for this.) This semester, instead of a bunch of little projects, it’s all for one 5-10 minute documentary. (!) I’m very excited because I’ve always had an interest in exploring documentary filmmaking, so it’s fitting that that’s the subject of this class. I bought “Documentary Storytelling: Creative Nonfiction on Screen,” by Sheila Curran Bernard, and it’s super interesting so far. I’m only up to chapter 6, but it’s already given me a lot to think about, as well as helping me sort through and weed out the ideas for my film that don’t fit into this mold, such as being both universal and specific. I really like the way the author uses overall storytelling devices and shows how then can be used to impact the viewer differently, even if it’s on a similar subject.

Some of my ideas for this project so far are:

  1. One was to follow my boyfriend around, who is pursuing a career as a Recording Artist. He’s very talented and I think it would make for an interesting documentary.
  2. As I am now the resident Stage Manager at a theatre company’s second theatre, I thought the making of a show would be a great subject for a documentary. I was focusing on the aspects of self as well as group acceptance, specifically for the LGBTQ+ community.
  3. As I’m thinking more about it, though, I don’t know if I like this idea the best, which has to do with the GSA that my mom started in her middle school. I would want to really get specific, and even show how the Trump administration has risen the level of hate accepted. Most kids around middle school age, and coming into their own in a place that my mom has curated that is so welcoming and accepting is a really beautiful thing.

So, I’m leaning towards number three, but I need to get more specific about my “train.”



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