What We Did for Mabon

Mabon has since passed, and we apologize for the late post.

We took part in our own little Mabon ritual outside in the night on the 22nd, under the bright stars. To be fair, it was quite draining as it was one of our first attempts at actually casting a circle etc, and with school in full effect it can be hard to getting around to writing these informative posts. I will do a more in depth informational post on Mabon at a later date. For now, this will be a simple explanation of our ritual for our records and possible future use by us, and anybody else who wishes to bring a little autumnal magick into their lives.

(I spent so much time on this ritual cover it’s not even funny)

It is the time of the autumn equinox, and the harvest is winding down. Mabon divides day and night equally, and we all take a moment to pay our respects to the impending dark. Today we will find things to be grateful for, find things to leave behind, and find things to “fertilize” over the winter months.

We followed a simple meditation, cleansed and consecrated the elements, cast the circle, invoked the elements, the god and the goddess, and did a simple Mabon prayer:

We thank you Oh Gods for the abundance of which we have received on this harvest. We are grateful for the lives and relationships that have positively and warmly affected our life this year. We ask that as we journey into the darkness, your light will continue to shine in our lives. When the darkness and cold surround our bodies, we ask that your guidance and love bring warmth to our souls. We thank the earth, wind, and spirits for the bringing of the seasons as we embrace Autumn. In your names we say this prayer. Thank you.

Next, we did something called a blessing, banishing, and bulbing.

We each have three pieces of paper in front on us.
On one, we will write some things we are grateful for.
On another, we will write things we wish to banish from our lives, be it people, experiences, or personal hurts and mistakes.
On the last, we will write things we wish to grow over the dark days and culminate in the spring.
We will keep the papers we write what we are grateful for to always remind us.
We will burn the papers that we wish to banish, and we will bury the papers we wish to bulb under the earth, to fertilize, grow, and come to fruition in the spring.

We had different colors for each: red for banish, yellow for blessing, and green for bulbing. We ended up going around and sharing thing we wanted to let go, mine included letting go of hatred of an old boss, and letting go of my self doubt, before we burned them. Watching the flames overtake my past mistakes and hurts was therapeutic. We decided to keep both the blessings and the bulbing, putting the bulbing in a place in my room, because we didn’t want to risk them being dug up by my father who gardens or my dog, who loves to dig. This was one of my favorite practices, and I plan to continue to use this every Mabon, even if the rest of the ritual changes.

We blessed our food, and drink, and ate and drank and told stories and were merry before closing the circle, and thanking the elements.


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