Today, we dig deep, deep underground, and travel through the twisted vast tunnel systems below the earth to visit small creatures called Dwarves.

Originally from the Scandinavian countries and Germany, these small beings prefer to live and work underground.

Making their homes in great caves and tunnel systems, dwarves rarely come to the surface except for certain celebrations. Northern Germans and Scandinavians refer to the underground community as the Land of the Niebelungen.

Described as around three feet tall, with large heads, their skin, hair, eyes and beards are earth colors. Both female and male dwarves have beards. Clothing type and color varies. Dwarves are known to work closely with the vibrations of the earth. Because of this, they have great power over rocks, stones, metals and gems. Some also believe them to be guardians of hidden treasure. They have the reputation as the best blacksmiths and jewelers on this planet, their work considered doubly valuable because they are infused with magickal powers.

Dwarves have a strong sense of community, with a written language and an excellent oral tradition. Certain dwarves are chosen to remember the entire history of Dwarves, both as individual groups and a whole species.

The Indian God, Kubera, who some say is a Dwarf.

All around the world, Dwarves appear in many cultural histories. In India, the Hindi god called Kubera fits the description of a dwarf. He is described as small with three legs and eight teeth. He is said to live in the Himalayas, guarding the treasures of the earth. Though he is said to be ugly, he wears a lot of jewelry and travels in a magical aerial chariot called Pushpaka.

Duergar Dwarf in Germany

German Mytho tells of a small race of beings called the duergar, who live in the hills and rocks. They are experts in metallurgy; their specialty being the making of arms and armour. They work with all metals. If you steal one of their creations or gain it by coercion or force, bad luck will plague you for the rest of your life!

Dwarves in Iceland wear red clothes; the ones in New Zealand wear long black robes. Dwarves living around Ebeltoft dress in gray jackets and point red caps and are said to have humpbacks and long crooked noses.

Some Finnish people say that all Dwarves are friendly if treated with respect, but the people living on the Baltic Sea Island of Rugen say their are three types of dwarves; white brown and black. The white are beautiful and gentle; brown can make themselves any size they wish; black dwarves are said to be malicious and very unfriendly towards humans. However, the black dwarves are the supreme experts is metallurgy, particularly steel.

If you want to learn the powers of gems, stones, and metals, get to know a dwarf or two!


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