Malaysia Flight 370

What is believed to be a surviving black box recording of Malaysia Flight 370 was sent to someone on twitter.

It’s been recently deleted, however I was able to take a screen recording of the voicemail this man named Ty received.

The recording is code, which if you take the first letter of every word, spells out S DANGER SOS IT IS DIRE FOR YOU TO EVACUATE BE CAUTIOUS THEY ARE NOT HUMAN 042933964230 SOS DANGER SOS. The S in the beginning means that it was on a loop, which further proves it could be the black box recording. Someone pointed out that the coordinates are very close to where Malaysia Flight 370 disappeared. So if this is the black box recording, it means they encountered something non-human on the plane! And it doesn’t stop there. When they were trying to figure out who was on the plane, it came up that two Iranian men who were on the plane had FAKE PASSPORTS. The Malaysian government said they were hoping to seek asylum in Europe, but could they be aliens?

A lot of reddit users were calling Ty’s bluff, saying it was an ARG. However, I was online when he had posted it, and I saw all of his tweets afterward, before he deactivated his account due to harassment. He seemed to be completely freaked out, and his boyfriend was telling people to get off his back because he didn’t ask for it. Also, multiple people replied to his tweet, saying that they had gotten similar or the exact same voicemail he did. A twitter user even said this happened after two large solar flares just occurred, and those cause electromagnetic pulses in our atmosphere, which means the signal would be amplified and be able to be sent farther, and that might be an explanation. SO, I don’t want to be a trigger happy conspiracist, but I definitely believe it has something to do with the missing flight.

What about you? DO YOU BELIEVE?


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