From the realm of the fae, comes a tiny benevolent fairy called a Brownie (pronounced Broony).

Spiderwick Chronicles

Originating in the cold Scottish Highlands, they are said to have immigrated to other parts of the world along with the Scottish people. They like to hang around castle ruins, streams, groves of trees, lakes, and rocky seashores, but they’re known to live in the home of certain humans they like. One of their greatest talents is music- if you hear the faint sound of the pipes on a moonlit night, chances are a brownie is either near you or has taken up residence in your home. They’re known to be cleaners, tidying up your house and even decorating it a bit themselves. Brownies despise immoral people, and an angry Brownie turns into a boggart, reeking all kind of havoc. They also hate cats, and likely won’t go near your house if you have them.    

They are generally described as a small creature, usually male, always short, sometimes stout or sometimes slender, and usually dressed in rags, though some accounts say they wear suits of different earth tones. A brownie who’s turned into a boggart is said to change in appearance as well, with wild hair and pointy fingers. But there are said to be many different types of brownies. A dobbie, (much like Dobby from Harry Potter) is a generally well-meaning brownie that isn’t very bright, so they can unintentionally cause chaos. The brownie-clod is said to be a pesky brownie that only wants to throw dirt at people.   


To befriend a Brownie and attract him to your house, pour some cream over a stone near his place of residence. You could also put out an offering of a cake spread with honey! 



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