Abominable Snowman

Today we start with one of the “three”; aka, one of the most talked about cryptids. 

One of the most infamous cryptids is the Abominable Snowman, an apelike animal said to inhabit the region of Nepal and Tibet. However, this is only the popular western name. They are more commonly known as Yeti’s, or Meh-Teh’s, and have been prevalent in eastern folklore for centuries. The first western sighting was by Sir C.K. Howard-Bury and his party who saw dark forms moving about on the Tibetan side of the Himalayan Mountains, viewed through binoculars in 1921. On September 22, 1921, Howard-Bury found footprints three times human size at the site where they were spotted moving about. 

1957 cast

In 1957, Tom Slick financed and led an expedition to the mountains of Nepal in search of evidence to support the existence of the Yeti. After nearly 3 months, Peter Byrne found a set of Yeti footprints in the Chhoyang Khola at 10,000 feet altitude. They found bedding areas similar to ones made by mountain gorillas. They also found hair and dropping samples, and when tested, they found parasites from an unknown primate in the dropping samples. 

As this is only the popular Western name, we also have a post on the Yeti, coming soon! 



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